When it comes to the best choice for roof repairs, many property owners turn to CH Evans Roofing Company in Bear & Wilmington, Delaware for expert service. If you have experienced a loss of property or income due to storm damage, homeowners know they can count on us for high-quality workmanship and timely restoration.

We Work With Your Insurance

Service providers often recommend replacement instead of repairing because of limitations imposed on them by their insurance agency. We are happy to work with all types of insurance companies to get the best service for their money.

From flat roof repairs to shingle errors, we have you covered. Best of all, our services are performed by friendly and respectful staff who take pride in making sure every job is completed on time and to your satisfaction.

Signs Your Roof Needs Repairing or Replacing

All roofs require maintenance and repair at some point. While damaged roofs can often be repaired, it is a good idea to replace it if significant damage has occurred. It is best to have the roof inspected by professionals. They can provide an assessment of the damage and tell you what kind of repairs or replacement will be necessary.

Save Our Number for Your Emergency Roof Repair Needs

If your roof was damaged by a storm or just by aging and general wear, you can count on the roofing contractors at CH Evans to fix the damage. Our crew offers 24/7 emergency repair services for many types of roofs including asphalt and metal. Trust us to have the experience and equipment needed to handle any size repair job efficiently.

When you suspect a roof leak, call 866-731-6858 to schedule affordable services from our roofing repair company.


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Saggy and Stained Ceilings

Sagging in your ceiling may indicate a roof leak has developed and waterlogged the insulation. Stained ceilings may also indicate that your roof has developed a leak.

Cracked or Broken Shingles

Correctly installed shingles should last for decades. However, when shingles become cracked or broken, water can get underneath them and cause problems with the underlying base structure.

Moss, Algae and Lichen Growth on Your Roof

In Delaware, some shade-loving plants will grow anywhere, including your roof! Moss, algae, and lichen can cause shingle damage over time, and they can also grow into and clog your gutters, causing further leaks.

Water Pooling and Gutter Problems

Most people think of leaks coming from holes in the roof, but it can also be caused by water pooling in low spots on your roof or when gutters become clogged & backed up.

CH Evans Roofing Services: 100% Workmanship Guaranteed!

How We Avoid Common Roofing Errors

CH Evans Roofing Company works in pairs to guard against these common quality faults. We also pay a fair wage which encourages skilled performance.

Improper Nailing of Shingles

When installing roofing shingles, the nail heads must be seated flush on top of the shingles. Improperly driven nails are caused by either forcing them at an angle, overdriving them, not driving deep enough, or using fewer than required nails. These problems result in leaks and may lead to shingles blowing off in high winds or getting water into places left vulnerable by improper nailing down of loose shingles.

Misaligned Asphalt Shingles

Shingles are typically laid out in a staggered stepped course that partially covers the edge of the previous row of shingles, so no edges are exposed. Improperly aligned shingles result in a roof that looks like an inadequate patchwork. They are prone to leaks because water seeps under exposed shingle edges, and shingles can also more easily fly off in high winds.

Roof Repair 

Comprehensive Roof Repair

Our roofing company offers comprehensive roof repair services. We check your roof, determining what caused the leak and assess any type of structural issues such as rot. We seal joints between shingles, and repair broken or loose shingles. We also check and repair damaged flashing, leaky pipe collars, and chimneys gaps. Finally, we will also be sure to check your attic for leaks & structural stability.

Roof repair services are categorized into three main categories:

Emergency repairs

Emergency roof repair involves fixing damage from falling debris, malfunctioning gutters such as broken downspouts or leaves clogging drains, and a leaky roof.


Regular repairs

Regular repair services are performed regularly to maintain a roof. They involve the replacement of damaged shingles, broken tiles, and missing or worn-out flashings.



Inspections and restorations are used to protect your roof from future wear and tear by identifying any potential problems before they become major ones, such as improper ventilation, which could lead to mold growth.

Roof Replacement

A property owner needs to replace their roof eventually, and though expensive, the investment will typically provide a greater return on a home sale than a remodeled kitchen. The typical homeowner can expect to earn back about 65% of their expense when they sell because the cost for improvements like updating an outdated kitchen becomes less critical when there’s no longer a functioning roof.

What To Expect

Your home’s roof will be inspected to determine what needs to be replaced and if the damage can be repaired without replacing the base roof structure. Once the scope of replacement has been determined and you’ve approved the service estimate, our crew will install new materials on your roof. The new materials will be designed to match the existing materials, so your roof will blend in seamlessly as if it were never damaged.

Do The Shingles Need To Be Replaced?

Two factors indicate that it’s time to replace your shingles – when granules start flaking off onto your yard or driveway, and when water starts leaking through the shingles at corners and joints.

Roof replacement by a skilled contractor ensures you have a result that is worry-free for years to come.

A Fairly-Priced Roof Repair & Replacement Option with CH Evans Roofing Contractors 

Whether you need a new roof or some simple repairs, local companies like CH Evans Roofing can help. It is best to have an experienced company handle the situation, ensuring that any damage is fully resolved without further problems. We are happy to provide information regarding specific types of roofs and what work may be needed to restore your property. Call us when you need expert advice and high-quality service!

We offer assistance through every step of the Roof Repair or Replacement process, from making an evaluation visit right through cleanup at the end of a project. We can help you with all roofing projects, even Emergency Roof Repair.

Free Roofing Service Estimate

No need for you to climb a ladder and risk injury by inspecting the damage yourself. Drop us a line, and a contractor will schedule a time that works with your schedule to come inspect your property and make recommendations.