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Generally, Roofers will service either asphalt roofs or metal roofs, but we perform quality repair or construction on both. With us, you’ll get a better perspective of the benefits and downfalls of both types—any roofing improvement project you need. We can provide clarity between these roofing materials specific to your situation. Our goal is to make sure homeowners and business professionals have all the information they need to select a roofing style.

Wide Range of Metal Roof Styles

CH Evans Roofing Contractors offers a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential metal roofing products – including standing seam metal roofs, corrugated steel roofing panels, aluminum roofs, and architectural metal roofing and siding products. We also specialize in metal roof installation for churches, schools, retail facilities like strip malls, warehouses & storage buildings, hospitals, or any other type of facility.

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We are your Delaware metal roofing specialists for all the different types of installations you need, like repairing an existing roof or installing an entirely new one. For almost 20 years, we’ve been offering the highest quality service in the industry. We’re your go-to Delaware metal roofing company for boosting your organization’s “Wow Factor.” Through our network of qualified and insured professionals, we provide complete metal roofing services in Delaware.


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Benefits of a Metal Roof

Metal roofing is long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. All you need to do is take good care of it is to regularly washing the metal and apply a coat of paint every now and then to keep it clean and shining.

Metal roofs will last for 50 to even 100 years and require minimal maintenance. Metal roofing is known for its durability, longevity, impermeability, and heat resistance.

A metal roofing system doesn’t get as hot as a tile or asphalt shingles since it has great insulating capabilities that allow it to reflect away the heat of the sun thereby saving you 40% in energy costs during summer.

Metal roofing is also a lightweight material which makes it suitable for large buildings and other commercial structures. What’s even better is that a metal roof is 100% recyclable which makes it an environmentally friendly option.

The Different Materials Of Metal Roofing

Costs vary for different materials of metal roofing. They are generally made from Steel, Aluminum, and Copper. Contact us to discuss your metal roof options!


If you are looking for a very affordable option, steel is an excellent choice, but it tends to be the least attractive option as well as being prone to rust. Hence, it is best used in places where appearance does not matter, such as warehouses or industrial areas.


The most expensive option is copper roofs since they are highly durable against corrosion, but their price can be prohibitive for those with tight budgets. Its beautiful look makes copper the perfect choice for homeowners who want to both make an impression with their home’s roof design as well as having a result that will hold up well for years.


Aluminum gives your home both durability and style since it is not prone to tarnishing and discoloration over time. It can be an excellent choice for homeowners who want the best of both worlds since it combines a beautiful, durable finish with affordability, so you get the most from your metal roof.

Metal Roof Styles and Features

Choosing the right style for your roof will depend on your preferred look, budget, and building type.
You can choose from among the following classes:


Standing Seam

This is the most common type of commercial steel roof, and it is also used in new homes. The panels are made up of parallel metal sheets joined together with seams running perpendicular to the ridges. A benefit of these roofs is that there is little water penetration as long as you seal around the nails along the edges. This style is available in several colors now – black, silver, brown, tan, etc. These panels are lightweight, strong, and easy to install, making them a popular option among clients.



This is a common type of roofing system, which is often used for residential buildings. Capped metal roofs are intended to be used in conjunction with asphalt shingles. They are also the most robust and durable when compared to other styles or types of metal roofs out there.



When it comes to riveted roofs, you have the option to choose flat or hipped caps, as they come in several shapes and sizes. Another advantage is their low weight, making them easier to install than other styles of metal roofs.



Typically used on barns and other outdoor structures, these roofs are created using weathered wood or steel sheets that have been painted brown or black to protect them from rusting. Over time you will see a natural patina develop on your roof as the paint chips away, which can add character to your house and provides an added level of distinction.


Metal Tile

A metal tile roof is the next generation of roofing. Traditional tile roofs can be heavy, yet fragile and needless to say, costly to maintain. With a metal tile roof, it combines the graceful curves of classic ceramic with the lightness and strength of metal for a look that is both beautiful and durable!


Metal Roof Maintenance Tips

Although it has not yet been entirely determined whether there is any need for maintenance on metal roofs, experts recommend that homeowners clean their roofs if they see any discoloration. One of the reasons for this is to keep your roof from rusting and deteriorating over time. You can clean your roof with a steel-wool soap pad along with water.

Metal Roofing Services: What We Do Best!

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New Installation, Repair, & Re-roofing

A trending roofing solution in Delaware, metal is increasingly becoming the first choice for homeowners. Because it is cost-efficient and highly durable, metal roofing is an excellent investment as well as lending an appealing look to your home.


In many cases, metal roofing can be conveniently installed over existing roof materials or even shingles. However, not all buildings are candidates for retrofitting, which is why it is necessary that we conduct a roof inspection on your property first before we start the project.

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