Hagley Museum: The History and Collections of a Colonial American Family

Hagley Museum, located in Wilmington, Delaware, is a museum that contains the history and collections of a Colonial American family. Hagley’s rich heritage tells not only the story of a local family but also provides an important window into early America. The museum has been open to visitors since 1958 and continues to provide new perspectives on life during Colonial times for both residents and tourists from around the world. Information can be found here.

Hagley Museum is a museum located in Wilmington, Delaware. The historic house was built by Henry DuPont and its purpose was to collect the history of American industry. Throughout Hagley’s nearly 200 years of existence, it has expanded into one of America’s premier museums with over 30,000 objects on display that reflect the DuPont family story along with other collections including early rural life in America, transportation technology, toys & dolls throughout time & space. See here for information about Forgotten Historical Landmark in Wilmington: Rockford Tower.

This is a museum that preserves the history of an American family. There are over 100 acres on which you can discover the Hagley Museum with its gardens, trails, waterfalls and even old ruins. The museum has collections from 1802-1924 with many artifacts dating back to the Revolutionary War-era including information about Eli Whitney who revolutionized manufacturing techniques at his nearby firearms plant in 1798.