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Gutters may not seem like an essential part of your home’s exterior until they become blocked by leaves & debris that cause water to back up and overflow into your home. The best way to avoid significant damage is to have regular maintenance performed by a knowledgeable, licensed professional who can perform an inspection of your gutter system and determine if it needs any repairs or replacement work.

At CH Evans Roofing, we offer comprehensive services for any gutter problem you may have so you can put your mind at ease knowing that the job will get done right! Finding a reliable gutter and roofing company, such as ours, will mean easy maintenance for years to come for your gutters and roofing.


A home’s most vulnerable areas are the ones that are least noticeable until a problem arises. Your roof and gutters receive the brunt of water damage from all precipitation – rain, snow, ice, and more. So this part of your house’s exterior is extremely important to check routinely for problems. Your roof and gutters perform two essential functions for your home: they protect it from the elements, and they protect its interior.

The primary function of your roof is to keep out moisture like rain and snow, so it doesn’t make its way inside through damaged shingles or cracked tiles. Over time you may need new tiles, shingles, or even complete replacement if there is significant damage; however, it’s your gutters that collect all the excess water from these elements as they runoff. Gutter systems can often become clogged by leaves and debris in addition to small animals, which causes the water to back up and leak into your home. The best way to avoid significant damage from leaking is to have routine maintenance performed by a professional like CH Evans Roofing.


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Gutters play a vital role in your home’s appearance, protecting the exterior of your building from water damage. It would be best if you trust only professionals with this crucial task. K Gutters are used to redirect rainfall away from a home or business’s foundation by diverting it to an underground drainage system or away from the exterior of your home through downspouts.

What are K-Gutters?

K-Gutters are the fastest and easiest way to protect homes from water damage. K-Gutters are plastic, seamless gutters with a patented mounting system installed in minutes by attaching them to the existing fascia board. By preventing rainwater from pooling on your roof, they avert ice dams and frozen shingles that can cause thousands of dollars in roof damage.

In addition, K-Gutters provide a seamless way to connect your downspouts for proper drainage. Traditional gutters have exposed seams that collect debris, over time leading to clogs and overflow. K-Gutters are seamless and attached to the fascia board; this allows for a cleaner look than traditional gutters. They feature a half-inch slope, so water flows freely and smoothly through the gutter system.

These lightweight, durable K-Gutters are made from heavy-duty plastic material that is UV protected for longevity, making them resistant to yellowing from the sun. K-Gutters can be painted any color, making them virtually invisible. K-style gutters come in different lengths and widths to fit your home. The most common measurements are five-inch and six-inch.



Gutter guards are made from a flexible and durable material that will protect your drainage from leaves, twigs, bugs, and all sorts of debris that accumulates over time. They are also be beneficial in assisting the efficiency of your gutter system so it can do its job more effectively!

When considering gutter guards, check if you have seamless or half-round gutters. Seamless gutters are more flexible in accommodating gutter guards, while half-round ones may need a different approach when installing gutter covers. If you are unsure about the type of guttering system your house has, call a CH Evans professional who can assist you through this process. Choose a guard made from quality material so they will resist deterioration and last through the severe weather you are relying on them for.



Protecting gutters from clogs, debris, leaves, and other harmful debris from the environment is the first thing to do if you want to ensure that your home and its environment are safe from various harsh elements. This task may seem simple enough, but when it comes time to clean the gutters, any homeowner would agree that this is not an easy job!

The Benefits Of Having A Professional Clean Your Rain Gutters And Downspouts In Wilmington, DE

When gutters get clogged, they may need more than just regular cleaning. If you sense a more severe problem has arisen, like an odor coming from the gutter area, enlist professional help. They can check for a leak, inspect the gutters are doing their job, and use their expert eye to identify other problems before they start.


Not only are clogged gutters a nuisance, but they can cost a lot of money if left unattended, making the problem worse than ever! Our professional team at CH Evans Roofing & Gutter Service will make sure that you get the best service from us by starting a thorough inspection of your gutters to see if repairs are necessary.

Cleaning Gutters Can Be A DIY Opportunity!

If you like doing things on your own, why not try to clean the gutters of your house? If you are wondering how to start clearing out the debris from your gutters, here are some tips that will guide you in this process:  


Before doing anything, make sure that you have all the necessary tools with you, such as a ladder, gutter cleaning tools (see step 4), and garden hose. You may also require a telescopic pole so that there is less effort in cleaning those hard-to-reach areas.


If there are gutter guards installed in your gutters, be sure to remove them first before doing a thorough cleaning. This will give you greater access to the guttering system and allow for better cleaning.


Remove all debris that has already accumulated in your gutters. This is easiest to do with a net or other attachments which capture large debris.


At times, you may also need gutter cleaning accessories such as pike poles for dislodging debris. Just insert this tool into the opening of your guttering system and then move it up and down or side to side so that all the accumulated dirt will dislodge.


If there are leaves in your gutters,  spraying them out with a hose is the simplest way of removing them.


To ensure that your gutters remain in good shape for many years to come, check them regularly and do some maintenance now and then. This will make it easier for you to identify problems early before they get out of hand.

For any of these tips to be effective, the most important thing is that you are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to clean your gutters effectively and efficiently. You must do regular gutter cleaning every month so that you can eliminate all the accumulated debris. Regular cleaning will also ensure that no leaves and other dirt get lodged in your gutters.

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